Thursday, October 14, 2010

thoughts on WCB

I was injured on the job site nearly 7 years ago. I was originally diagnosed with lower back strain, but later found out that i have herniated discs. WCB did not like that second opinion and has been treating me like a criminal since. To make a long story short, today i was let go by an employer because he said that WCB said i am a liability. The public needs to voice this major concern for peoples lives and lively hood! I want to make WCB visible to the Government and media. What are your thoughts and advices that you would have for me?


  1. WCB is like ICBC, they take your money but when its time for them to pay out they make every excuse not to!

    Hire a lawyer, that's what my dad had to do and he won.

    Several years ago my dad got injured at work. He worked on the tug boats all his life. He injured his back and couldn't work. He applied for WCB and was denied because they said how did they know he actually got injured at work. After fighting for months, WCB finally gave in and sent him a few checks. He was well enough (so he thought) to go back to work and his back just got worse. After 2 back surgeries and still fighting with WBC they offered him a payout. The agreement of the payout was if he returned back to work or continued to work and he hurt his back again, he could never claim WCB. My dad turned down the offer and was cut off of WCB. My dad ended up hiring a lawyer and got back paid all the years they denied him as well as a payout and still had the right to go back to work and collect WCB if he got injured again. 5 years later my dad ended up having to have more back surgery and ended up retiring early instead of dealing with WCB. WCB are crooks, they spend more money in lawyer fees trying to fight not to pay rather then just paying people!

  2. Laughing at WCB. The "Other" government run Criminal Organization.

    Why are they a criminal organization? Very Simple, they use HONEST people like you as examples.
    Examples of what? Extortion.
    How? They scare people away from claiming by ruining the lives of the majority that have made claims. Most people are scared to claim,( accused to scamming or any other scare tactic possible).

    What do they get from this? If you think of the premiums paid by ALL employers to protect your employer from lawsuit by an injured worker! Their job is to protect the business owner!

    Hmm I wonder? Is it legal for me to go to any store and tell the owner that they have to pay me to protect them? And if they refuse, I use any means possible to shut them down? It is the exact same thing that WCB does.

    If I were to do the same actions without government sanction I would be charged with Racketeering!

    Definition of Racketeering:
    Traditionally, obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by Organized Crime . A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. The latter definition derives from the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), a set of laws (18 U.S.C.A. § 1961 et seq. [1970]) specifically designed to punish racketeering by business enterprises.

  3. thanks..your absolutely i have looked into a wcb lawyer web site.. and they want to charge $85 for a half hour just to see if i have a case.. frustrating especially when i am not working.

  4. This is the funny little thing I was talking about!
    IF you want to do anything about your wcb claim!!! They allow anyone to make money, it's up to the Victim(Injured worker)to pay for everything after they have scammed you!

    I say pay the fees and make WCB pony up some of the business profit they horde so close to their wallets.

  5. I need to get the money together and take this as far as i can.. enough is enough..they need to be exposed of there criminal empire..If you know anyone who wants to express there feelings on WCB please have them write on here.

  6. It's not who you are , but what you do that defines you. I just won my case, but the weight sometimes got to be too much.I found a paralegal that used to work with WSIB. After he told us he would take the case, we came up with $800 more. Now when and if they win, they get 24% of the winnings.
    I do know that if the company you got injured at work gets you to return to work under light work, they get a kick back.they've called me names and tried to belittle me. Apply to get your files from them and you'll find sentences blackout and if you're lucky they might have overlooked a few comments. You have the right to see your files and I suggest you do just that.Batten down the hatches, you're in for the fight of your life. Take names and use that against them. They can't be sued, but you can make them look bad in the newspaper. They hate publicity

    Love ya son

  7. Dustin Sterling15 October 2010 at 18:30
    Subject: My input...I can t post may have to...too long i guess
    I have given up on WCB as I have learned they will not pay compensation to anyone who has a permanent injury as a result of a workplace accident.

    October 13th 2003 I was injured on a Drilling Rig while working for Champion Drilling. Part of a conglomerate company that is the second largest in Canada, only after Precision.

    WCB has never paid for my medication or for the loss of wages. because although they accept full responsibility for my injuries. "There is no evidence that supports you have missed any viable employment due to your injuries" I was fired from my position as a motorhand after 6 days due to my inability to work, and 2 days later was given an ROE stating I had been "laid off due to a shortage of work". My rig was never shut down.

    Since I was "LAID OFF" 6 days after the incident, I was apparently still perfectly able to work, because I was attending work for 6 days after being injured. (reason being, I was threatened with being fired if I went to see a doctor, as I had gone for x-rays on my left wrist 'without telling them' after it was crushed 2 months earlier and had ligament damage). I was just told to show up til the end of the hitch and walk around every once in a while and pick up shit...or work as a leaseman, lazily. "you'll be fine after you get some time off" I had a 2 month old baby and had not even taken possession of the house I had just bought for my family, as well as an AUDI A6. I could NOT afford to not have a job. Pain or no pain I HAD to show up for work.

    I never dealt with this before, I guess they fucked me good! REAL GOOD!

  8. I later discovered that I was required to have a copy of my WCB report that I had filled out the day of the incident. The Rig manager "LOST IT", as well as the accident report because his son in law, (the driller running controls responsible for my accident) was coming up on 1000 days accident free and a $10g bonus. They never submitted the incident report or the WCB paperwork until 6 months later after doctoring the document and lessening what had actually happened in the description of incident to alleviate their responsibility. The driller got his bonus.

    I was treated like absolute shit and was am called a liar/malingerer from the first phone call to WCB til this day. Yet I am Collecting CPP Disability for the GOVERMENT, because I cannot work, because of my injuries, and subsequent 'issues'.

    My injuries consisted of a fractured sternum & chest compression, 2 dislocated ribs, dislocated/hyper-extended right shoulder, 2 dislocated thumbs, concussion, massive ligament and soft tissue damage throughout my body, various cuts and contusions.

    I have been diagnosed with... Complex Regional Pain Disorder, Chronic Pain Disorder, Para-Spinal Spasm, Thoracic & Lumbar Dysfunction, Whiplash/backlash, Peripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, among Depressive and Anxiety disorders...some other diagnoses have yet to be written in a 'file' therefore I will not include them. There are many.

    I was sent, by WCB, to Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Psychiatrists/ologists, Orthopedic Specialists, Physiatrists, Rheumatologists, Doctors...etc. I was sent to the Canadian Back Institute for a 2 day torture of tests in strength/stamina/coordination tests amongst numerous questionaires. They determined that 8 weeks of daily Physio would be beneficial but not in any way a cure as I have permanent damage to my nerves and muscles. WCB would not endorse the cost of therapy therefore I did not get any.

    I was later given a barrage of different drugs to try to combat the Pain and the depression and anxiety I inherited from my accident.

  9. These drugs included, (Daily Dosage)

    Hydromorphone 5mg
    Oxycontin 320mg
    Morphine Sulphate 90mg
    Codeine Phosphate (as well as T1-T5) Various
    Gapapentin (Neurontin) 3000 mg
    Zytram 300mg
    Effexor XR 337.5mg
    Wellbutrin ?
    Zopiclone ?
    Lorazepam 6 mg
    Clonazepam 1.5 - 3mg
    Cymbalta 60mg
    Amitriptyline ?
    I am forgetting a few...there were a lot.

    Various over-the counter pain remedies as well. None of the above were effective, therefore I only take Cymbalta and Clonazepam as my PTSD, anxiety and depression have to be chemically managed.

    Amid all of this I lost my house, my cars, my livelihood and my pride. WCB are life destroyers and rapists. Upon telling them I was going to have to file for bankruptcy and lose everything...they said that I was 'TRYING TO GET ATTENTION'.

    In MY OPINION, every person working for, or associated with WCB, can ROT IN PIECES and BURN IN HELLS ASSHOLE. They didn't destroy my life...the accident did...they just made DAMN sure I never got what I was entitled to from their client.

    WCB is NOT for the employee. It is paid for by the employer FOR the employer. You as an employee are a disposable tool and worth less than nothing to them.

    I apologize if this was a bit mixed up as per the order of events.

    Dustin Sterling

  10. There are many Injured Workers FORCED into poverty, bankrupt, or homeless, and on Welfare, by the W.C.B./W.S.I.B. Some even commit Suicide.

    The Workers Comp Systems benefit WCB EMPLOYEES, Employers, Lawyers, Government and least of all the Injured Workers.
    What was once the "Meredith Principles" (in Canada), now reads like a Chapter of "Animal Farm".
    Basic Laws (Thin Skull Rule) have been stripped from the Injured Workers, and Government has bestowed the Rights of Injured Workers, upon themselves- for which they Fine and Sue Employers for Profit.

    WCB/WSIB use their own Medical Advisors to Deny Claims and Downplay Injuries, to FORCE Injured Workers Back to Work- which in many cases is against their Family Doctors and Independent Specialist's Advice- so WCB/WSIB Employees, can Have Big Bonuses - In this Non Profit Organization and Employers get Lower Experience Ratings.

    Most Workers that are Pernamemtly Injured fight for Benefits for years with WCB/WSIB and most often they do not come.

    The Workers Con Boards have FAILED MANY Permanently and Disabled Injured Workers around the World.
    There are many Permanently Disabled and Injured Workers and Veterans looking for Justice:

  11. its almost 10 yrs I quit after third appeal it was taking the life out of me alberta comp and trying to fight them from nova scotia is inhumane so I suggest any young person or older worker heading that way for work to have a complete physical xrays mri and bank them somewhere safe so they cant use thereadage underlying injury I have tried to get a lawyer to take my case on consignment no luck there c b inj workers tried for me all they wanted was new evidence there is nothing new to offer